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==Featured With==
==Featured With==
*[[Aquos]] [[Hydranoid (Battle Planet)|Hydranoid]] in Bakugan form
*[[Aquos]] [[Hydranoid (Battle Planet)|Hydranoid]] in Bakugan form
[[Category:Aurelus Power Cards]]

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Elemental Storm (#4)
Aurelus Power: If you have an Aurelus Aurelus Bakugan on your team, this cost 2 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png less to play.

Draw five cards.

Series: [[{{{series}}}]]
Card Type: Action


Energy: 8 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png
Set: Age of Aurelus
Serial: 4_AR_AA
Rarity: Awesome Rare

[[Category:{{{series}}} Cards]] [[Category:Aquos Cards ({{{series}}})]]

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