1-48c (Gundalian Invaders)

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1-48c is a card series in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/48c VR Areana Number 5 (NA).png VR Arena Number 5 Silver Gate Card
2/48c VR Arena Number 6 (NA).png VR Arena Number 6 Silver Gate Card
3/48c VR Arena Number 7 (NA).png VR Arena Number 7 Silver Gate Card
4/48c VR Arena Number 8 (NA).png VR Arena Number 8 Silver Gate Card
5/48c Pebbles (NA).png Pebbles Silver Gate Card
6/48c Small Wave (NA).png Small Wave Silver Gate Card
7/48c Silver Axe (NA).png Silver Axe Silver Gate Card
8/48c AG Mountain (NA).png AG Mountain Silver Gate Card
9/48c Golden Axe (NA).png Golden Axe Gold Gate Card
10/48c Quickened Fury (NA).png Quickened Fury Gold Gate Card
11/48c Dharak's Turf (NA).png Dharak's Turf Gold Gate Card
12/48c Drago's Fury (NA).png Drago's Turf Gold Gate Card
13/48c Hawktor (NA).png Hawktor Gold Gate Card
14/48c Plitheon (NA).png Plitheon Gold Gate Card
15/48c AU Mountain (NA).png AU Mountain Gold Gate Card
16/48c Linehalt (NA).png Linehalt Gold Gate Card
17/48c Copper Axe (NA).png Copper Axe Copper Gate Card
18/48c Fire Dodge (NA).png Fire Dodge Copper Gate Card
19/48c Transfer Air (NA).png Transfer Air Copper Gate Card
20/48c Bridge of Light (NA).png Bridge of Light Copper Gate Card
21/48c CU Mountain (NA).png CU Mountain Copper Gate Card
22/48c Lure of Fire (NA).png Lure of Fire Copper Gate Card
23/48c Small Field (NA).png Small Field Copper Gate Card
24/48c Doom Zone (NA).png Doom Zone Copper Gate Card
25/48c Sun Fire Start (NA).png Sun Fire Start Red Ability Card
26/48c Practiced Light (NA).png Practiced Light Red Ability Card
27/48c Big and Mysterious (NA).png Big and Mysterious Red Ability Card
28/48c Practiced Earth (NA).png Practiced Earth Red Ability Card
29/48c Contestir's Gambit (NA).png Contestir's Gambit Red Ability Card
30/48c Water Home (NA).png Water Home Red Ability Card
31/48c Charge of Fire (NA).png Charge of Fire Red Ability Card
32/48c Power of Earth (NA).png Power of Earth Red Ability Card
33/48c Wave Punch (NA).png Wave Punch Blue Ability Card
34/48c Hidden Flame (NA).png Hidden Flame Blue Ability Card
35/48c Step-Up G-Power (NA).png Step-Up G-Power Blue Ability Card
36/48c Clean Machine (NA).png Clean Machine Blue Ability Card
37/48c Erosion (NA).png Erosion Blue Ability Card
38/48c Dusted Gear (NA).png Dusted Gear Blue Ability Card
39/48c Water Stomp (NA).png Water Stomp Blue Ability Card
40/48c Late Fire (NA).png Late Fire Blue Ability Card
41/48c Lythirus (NA).png Lythirus Green Ability Card
42/48c Exploding Gear (NA).png Exploding Gear Green Ability Card
43/48c Full Production (NA).png Full Production Green Ability Card
44/48c Magnetic Copper (NA).png Magnetic Copper Green Ability Card
45/48c Sunrise Level (NA).png Sunrise Level Green Ability Card
46/48c Dark Drop (NA).png Dark Drop Green Ability Card
47/48c Rubanoid (NA).png Rubanoid Green Ability Card
48/48c Earth Metals (NA).png Earth Metals Green Ability Card