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The Crush Tears Card Set is a Japanese card series in Bakugan: New Vestroia. It is a promotional set that tied in with the physical release of Crush Tears: Communication Breakdown. Crush Tears is a musical group formed by Dan Kuso's Japanese voice actor, Yū Kobayashi, which performed the ending theme for New Vestroia, Communication Breakdown.

The four cards in this set were randomly distributed into physical releases of the albumn.[1]

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/4CT Dragonoid Crush.png Dragonoid Crush Green Ability Card
2/4CT Crush Tears with Dan.png Crush Tears with Dan Blue Ability Card
3/4CT Tears Drop.png Tears Drop Blue Ability Card
4/4CT Master Painter.png Master Painter Advert Red Ability Card