Dan and Drago (manga)

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Dan and Drago
Dan and Drago cover.jpg
Author N/A
Publisher Del Rey
Release Date November 24, 2009
ISBN 978-0345520227
Pages 96
Previous A Feud Between Friends
Next N/A

Dan and Drago is a Bakugan OEL manga. It details the Dan and Drago learning to work together to defeat Ryo.


Dan Kuso and his powerful Bakugan, Drago, are in the middle of a feud! They can’t seem to agree on anything, especially not Bakugan battles. But Dan and Drago realize that they need each other, and that they are stronger when united than when divided, so they will have to compromise in order to win. Will their combined strength be enough to overcome the crafty Ryo?

Based on the toys and the hit TV show!