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Gate Cards, formerly Gateway Cards[citation needed], are the playing surface used for Bakugan game. The cards contain a magnetic plate in their middle which triggers the Bakugan rolled onto them to open ("Stand").

HSP Board Game[edit]

Originally, Gate Cards appeared in the HSP format, presented in 4 main types:

  • Normal Gate Card - Those gate cards only modified power of your bakugan, without doing anything else. Usually had around 250-400 HSP;
  • Character Card - Just like the normal cards, those did provide extra power to bakugan of the specific type, while having lower HSP value - from 150 to 250;
  • Command Card - Similarly to the character cards, Command Cards gave extra power and had other feature, this time being unique to each card effect, that could've turn the game into an unexpected path. Had HSP value between normal and character cards - 200 or 250;
  • Special Ability Card - The most powerful, but least valuable cards. Unlike any other cards, they only have effect, that may change the game entirely, like reviving lost bakugan, freeze the battle or make enemy return gate cards they won to the field. Those cards never had more more than 150 HSP.

Legacy Board Game[edit]

Gate Cards (Series 2 rules) come in three colors:

Gate Cards give bonus G-Power to based on their Attribute (Pyrus, Aquos, Subterra, Haos, Darkus or Ventus), with one attribute getting a "highlight bonus".

Cards may be Common or Rare, and there are special cards only available in the Arena product.

In Bakugan Dimensions, Gate Cards are special Moves that set special conditions over the field. They dispel any Gate Cards before it when played and usually last about as long as the typical defense. (Darkus Gates are an exception to this rule as they will only dispel non-Darkus Gate in play, rather than dispel all Gates period. This means you can have multiple Darkus Gates in play at once.)

Highlighted Gate Bonus[edit]

Gate Cards have one of their Gate bonuses circled with a bright yellow marking. This is called the "Highlighted Gate bonus". If a player is using a Pearl or BakuFrost Bakugan, they may choose to take the Highlighted Gate bonus instead of their Bakugan's normal Attribute bonus. Additionally, the Bakugan White Naga always takes the Highlighted Gate bonus, as it has no inherent Attribute. The Highlighted Gate bonus provides no other extra effects. [1]


Gate Trainer
Gate Card with Faction Fusion Symbol

Gate Cards were originally omitted in the Reboot in favor of BakuCores. However, in the second season, Bakugan: Armored Alliance, the majority of products include a Gate Trainer, which is not used in the game and is instead used for practicing trick shots. Each Gate Trainer has artwork of one of the Awesome Brawlers on the back. The primary reason for the inclusion of the Gate Trainers is to prevent the actual cards from being bent or otherwise damaged in the packaging.

Midway through the season, the Gate Trainers were replaced with actual Gate Cards, which are used for the Gate Battling Game, a simpler version of the normal Toy Battling Game. Gate Cards no longer have names or effects, and simply feature the Faction bonuses and artwork as well as a colored boarder in a similar layout to the Legacy series. Some Gate Cards also have a either a Baku-Gear Symbol or a Faction Fusion Symbol in the lower left corner.

Gate Card Sets[edit]

There are currently five Gate Card sets.


  • Pictures from some Gate Cards have been used on various other Gate Cards. (Legacy)


  1. "The highlighted (or glowing) attribute is used for White Naga and Pearl Bakugan. White Naga uses the highlighted G-Power Gate bonus to determine its Attribute. Pearl Bakugan can either take on their regular G-Power bonus on a Gate Card OR the highlighted Gate bonus… whichever one you decide!" - "Bakugan Rules and Information" on at March 31, 2010