Triple Ability

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Triple Abilities allow a brawler to use three abilities in a consecutive attack. A Triple Ability requires at least one Fusion Ability in its execution. It is considered to have great power, especially so by Spectra Phantom.

No Triple Abilities have been used or mentioned in either Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders or Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.

List of Known Triple Abilities[edit]

  • Neo Dragonoid - Burning Dragon, Burning Tornado, and Pyrus Slayer (Fusion Ability)
  • Viper Helios - General Quasar, Melt Stream, and Omega (Fusion Ability)
  • Dryoid - Shoo Dragon Fly (Fusion Ability), Geki Grit Demon (Fusion Ability), and Retsu Lightning (Fusion Ability)


  • In The Secret Package, Jesse Glenn played a Consecutive Ability that had three cards appearing out of his book. Some speculate that this was a Triple Ability, but it was not specified and he was only shown using one of the cards that appeared.