Bakugan: Gaming Guide

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Bakugan: Gaming Guide
Bakugan Gaming Guide cover.jpg
Author Scholastic Inc.
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Release Date October 15, 2019
ISBN 978-1338574913
Pages 128
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The Bakugan: Gaming Guide is a Bakugan guidebook. It contains information about the rebooted Bakugan Battle Planet.


The immensely popular Bakugan toy and TV property is BACK! SpinMaster is unveiling a new line of collectible toys -- and a brand-new show is now airing on Cartoon Network.

The new Bakugan come in two different versions: core and pro. This in-depth, 128-page guidebook will introduce kids to both versions of the game, explaining all the rules plus tips and tricks of the trade.

The Gaming Guide will also include suggestions for awesome head-to-head Bakugan battles. It's the ultimate guide to the brand-new Bakugan game!