Nice to Meet You, Bakugan!

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Nice to Meet You, Bakugan!
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Season Bakugan: Armored Alliance
Episode No. 13
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Nice to Meet You, Bakugan! is the thirteenth episode of Bakugan: Armored Alliance. It aired on March 29, 2020 alongside Magnus.


This episode introduces us more to Emily and her new (and uniquely colored) Bakugan, Webam. The Awesome Ones, train Emily who is trying her best not to hurt her Bakugan.

Emily is shown running down the school corridor, heading towards the classroom where Dan, Wynton, and Lia are all talking about how Dan is more active after school. Wynton remarked about how he could put the same effort from Bakugan into his schoolwork. They are interrupted by Emily, who challenges Dan to war while holding out her Bakugan.

They arrive at the Bakugan park, where they ask about her health and her brother, Magnus, to which Emily responds that her brother is constantly traveling and she does not feel lonely, as her dorm group treats her kindly. She also says that she has her Bakugan.

As they began to teach Emily about the basics of Bakugan, Dan instructs Emily to throw her Bakugan towards the core. Emily decides to run towards it, instead, as she does not want to be mean or hurt her Bakugan. This confuses Dan, Wynton, and Lia. As soon as Emily's Webam unrolls, Dan, Drago, Wynton, and Lia have expressions of confusion on their face. Wynton and Dan quietly talk about why she looks like that and how she looks cute. Emily comments how her body was white, but she made her pink (her favorite color). Dan and Lia look slightly unimpressed, while Wynton compliments Emily.

Emily explains how they do everything together. When Wynton asks about the war on Dan, she explains she wants a Bakugan battle, for her Webam, which leaves Dan confused. Emily explains that her Bakugan has been cranky lately and has been stressed out, and she wants to battle the strongest brawler, which is Dan. They explain how Bakugan Battling can be fun and how it's also serious, which confuses Emily. Dan accepts the challenge. Dan rolls out Drago and attacks with a Twisting-Inferno, which Emily's Webam dodges right before it hits. Dan compliments Emily and Webam, but is asked to stop by Emily, who asks Dan not to be cruel towards her Bakugan, leaving Dan, Wynton and Lia confused again. When Dan explains that this is a battle, Emily apologizes and continues.

Drago unleashes a Pyrus Tornado, but purposely misses, as the way Emily was looking at Drago, made him feel bad. Emily explains to Webam that she did not want her to get hurt so she did not want to battle, which sends Webam into a rage toward Drago (who barely counters). Webam fights with rage, which makes Drago question what had gotten into her (while Dan and Emily are in confusion and shock).

Wynton theorizes that Webam had been bottling the feeling to battle for so long that her emotion's started to burst. Drago kicks Webam off him, then hits her with a tail whack, causing her to fall on her back. Emily screams for Webam to stop, to which she is ignored. Drago takes the beatings, as he is too worried about Emily to fight back, which leads him to be weakened.

Emily screams again for Webam to stop but is once more ignored. Wynton and Lia go to help Dan and Drago, but Dan refuses and says he can handle it. Emily begins to cry, as she explains that she wants to understand her better, but Emily does not understand. Dan tells Drago not to hold back, asking Drago to trust him. Dan summons the Element cannon and attacks Webam, defeating it instantly.

Lia and Wynton are concerned by Dan's action to attack Emily's Webam and worry Emily would lose interest in Bakugan Battling. Dan defends his point and once more the group is interrupted by Emily, who once again challenges Dan again. Lia and Wynton ask about her worry about battling, but Emily explains that she was scared, but the battle helped Webam and wants to learn more about Bakugan battling, to which the group agree. They then have a rematch (which is skipped), which goes on into the night, when Dan collapse onto the ground and Emily still wants to battle more.

Characters Seen[edit]

Emily Black (Magnus Black's sister)

Dan Kouzo

Wynton Styles

Lia Venegas

Bakugan Seen[edit]

Emily Black's Webam


Featured Brawls[edit]

Emily Black (Webam) vs. Dan Kouzo (Dragonoid) - Dan and Dragonoid win


The painted Webam is most likely a reference to custom-painted Bakugan and Spin Master wanting to inspire Bakugan fans to paint their ones as well.

Webam is referred to as female.

Emily has some knowledge of Bakugan and Bakugan battling but has never battled anyone before Dan (as Wynton states).

It's possible that all Bakugan would act the same way as Emily's Webam would if they do not battle in a long time.


Emily running to the Baku-Core
Emily's first battle
Webam attacking Drago
Drago being overpowered by Emily's Webam