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Reference Cards are a card type introduced in Gundalian Invaders products. They allow Battle Gear and Special Evolution Bakugan to have inherent special effects on the Game.


Unlike Gate Cards and Ability Cards, Reference Cards are not randomly distributed with Bakugan. All Battle Gear and Special Evolution Bakugan include a matching Reference Card for the piece. This prevents ruling errors, as the card only lists powers.


While the exact rules for Reference Cards have yet to be announced, several things can be inferred.

  • The card is neither in the Used or Unused pile.
  • Its blue back signals that it is not a Gate Card nor an Ability Card.
  • The card has no effect of its own, it only tells you what its matching piece can do.
  • You can only use a Reference Card if you have its matching support piece or Bakugan.

In addition, Reference Cards have different rules depending on if it is for a Battle Gear or a Special Evolution Bakugan.

Battle Gear Reference[edit]

Reference Cards for Battle Gear have two effects denoted by two different Attributes.

  • If the Gear is attached to a Bakugan of a listed Attribute, the corresponding effect happens.
  • If the Gear's Color Attribute matches the Gate color, the Gear's owner chooses which effect takes place.

Special Evolution Reference[edit]

Reference Cards for Special Evolution Bakugan have a Power Level limit and two effects.

  • The Power Level limit prevents you from Evolving to this Bakugan until there are that many Gate Cards in everybody's used plies.
  • The first effect is Evolution, it lists which Bakugan you must swap out to bring the Evolution Bakugan into your unused pile.
  • The second effect is Unique, an Ability like effect that the Evolved Bakugan always has.