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A Special Attack Bakugan is a Bakugan with a special feature that may range from spinning to double sided to heavy metal.

The Gundalian Invaders Special Attacks are called Super Assault Bakugan.


  • Heavy Metal: Have a chrome metal band around the middle of a Bakugan, designed for extra stability.
  • Spin/Cyclone/Typhoon/Vortex/Orbit: Have a winding mechanism, top half of the Bakugan spins when opened, designed for knocking other Bakugan off the card. This type of Bakugan usually opens up without being set on a metal Gate Card.
  • Element/G-Power Change: Have a wheel, which rotates when opened. Have three printed attribute symbols and G-powers on wheel. The Attribute/G-Power is then changed to that shown on wheel.
  • Jumping/Boost: Have a small protruding spot on the bottom of the Bakugan, designed to hop when rolled.
  • Turbine/Fly Wheel: Have a small gyroscope in the middle of the ball, a ripcord is used to spin the gyro, which the Bakugan will roll automatically when placed on a flat surface.
  • Light Up: The Bakugan lights up, usually with red light.
  • Dice Thrower: When the Bakugan opens it throws a die that determines its attribute or G-Power.
  • Double Magnet System (ダブルマグネットシステム, Daburu Magunetto Shisutemu?):[1] The Bakugan has two opening positions in the same pod with separate magnets, thus having twice the chance of standing.

Unreleased Special Attacks[edit]

Meta Dragonoid, Iron Dragonoid, Mutant Elfin, Flash Ingram, and Cyclone Percival were going to be released as Special Attacks in Bakugan: New Vestroia, but remained unreleased for some reason. Instead, they are released in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. Flare Wilda was also never released and does not have a release date yet.


Name Highest G-Power
Alpha Percival Cyclone 700
Preyas II 760 (Angelo) 680 (Diablo)
Cyclone Dragonoid 800
Flare Wilda N/A
Moonlit Monarus 710
Mystic Elico 1 in 6 chance of: 810
Orbit Helios 720
Percival Vortex 680
Spin Dragonoid 670
Spin Ravenoid 660
HM Dual Hydranoid 580
HM Delta Dragonoid 670
Vandarus 640
HM Premo Vulcan 680
HM Alpha Hydranoid 800
HM Infinity Dragonoid 680
Element Change Preyas 550
G-Power Change Preyas 1 in 3 chance of: 670
G-Power Change Elfin 1 in 3 chance of: 700
Element Change Elfin Darkus: 720
Jumping Skyress Subterra: 550
Boost Ingram 680
Turbine Dragonoid 710
Turbine Helios 640
Turbine Hades 680
Neo Dragonoid Vortex 650
White Naga 650
Dual Elfin Revolution 1 in 3 chance of: 760
Ultra Dragonoid Typhoon 700
Elico 730