Kyosuke Marukura

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Kyosuke Marukura
Race Human
Gender Female
First appearance Bakugan Idol

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Kia Marukura is Marucho's mother, and Shuuko Marukura's wife.


Kia has blue eyes, long pale blonde curly hair, and wears a red dress. She also has a necklace on.


Kia is shown to be a caring and loving individual. She also seems to be an animal-lover, collecting animals and giving them a home/shelter in their home-installed zoo. She's also quite generous as she willingly gave away an entire collection of expensive jewellery to a thrilled and mesmerized Miyoko (although that was partly because it was last year's collection). She loves her son, and is devoted and supportive towards her husband. Like her husband, she wanted her son to be very well educated. Marucho even had after-school tutors, which he didn't actually want to have (he only went to those classes to please his parents as he states the episode I am Marucho, Hear Me Roar!). She also approves of Marucho's friendships with the Brawlers and is very welcoming towards them.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers

She appears numerous times in Bakugan Battle Brawlers alongside her husband, Shuuko Marukura. It is unknown what she does for the family, but she seems to be a kind and caring individual. She also seems to be an animal-lover, collecting animals and placing them in their zoo situated in her home. She is not fazed by Marucho playing Bakugan and is not at all bothered by it.


  • Her initials are the reverse of Miyoko Kuso's initials.
  • She is likely to be younger than her husband, judging from her physical appearance compared to him.