Ventus Nano Riptide (EV)

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BBP Ventus.svg Nano Riptide
Nano Riptide (Ventus Card) ENG 35 RA EV.png
Battle Planet FlamingFist Symbol.png: Add Core Icon.png (Attach a BakuCore from the Field to this)

Battle Planet FlamingFist Symbol.png, Battle Planet Fist Symbol.png: Steal Core Icon.png (Remove a BakuCore from the opposing Bakugan and attach it to this) (If your team holds a Battle Planet FlamingFist Symbol.png and a Battle Planet Fist Symbol.png when this card is played, add the Bonus)

Series: Evolutions
Card Type: Nanogan


Set: EV
Serial: 35_RA_EV
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Unknown

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