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**[[Ability Card (Battle Planet)|Ability Cards]]
**[[Ability Card (Battle Planet)|Ability Cards]]
**[[Character Card (Battle Planet)|Character Cards]]
**[[Character Card (Battle Planet)|Character Cards]]
*How to Play  
*How to Play ([[Bakugan Battle Planet: Toy Battling Game|Toys]]/[[Bakugan Battle Planet: Trading Card Game|Cards]])
**[[Bakugan Battle Planet: Toy Battling Game|Toy Battling Game]]
**[[Bakugan Battle Planet: Trading Card Game|Trading Card Game]]

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Latest releases
Bakugan Battle Planet Checklist v3.jpg

The latest known release is Wave 5 of Bakugan Battle Planet, which can also be called Wave 2 of Bakugan Resurgence. It was released around late June-July 2019.

This set contains the following Bakugan and products (in order of Faction):



Battle Packs:

Starter Sets:

Other Products:

Latest episodes
BBP 60 Title.png

The latest episodes of Bakugan Battle Planet are episode 59, Two Sides of the Coin, and episode 60, The Race for Gold, which aired on August 25, 2019. New episodes premiere every Sunday on Cartoon Network (United States) at 7AM.

Upcoming episodes