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Win Deck (ウィンデッキ, Win Dekki?) (Catalogue Number BTD-06) is a set released in the BakuTech Series.

It contains one Ventus Win Domiru, one Subterra Hagger Doguma, one Darkus Dagger Odos, three Gate Cards and six Ability Cards.

Bakugan Included[edit]

Cards Included[edit]

Gate Cards:

  • Gold:
  • Copper:
  • Silver:

Ability Cards:

  • Red:
  • Blue:
  • Green:


  • The tentative name for this deck was Destruction Deck (破壊デッキ, Hakai Dekki?).
  • All the Bakugan from this deck were reissued in BCV-24 Bakugan Expansion Pack.