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{{Heading|Latest episodes}}
{{Heading|Latest episodes}}
{{Latest episode}}
{{Latest episode}}
{{Heading|Latest news}}
{{Latest news}}

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Latest releases
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The latest known releases contains new

This set contains the following Bakugan and products (in order of Faction):



Baku-Gear Solos

Baku-Gear Packs:

Starter Packs

Starter Sets


Latest episodes
BAA 001 Title.png

The first episodes of Bakugan Battle Planet, The Mysterious Boy and A New Power, aired on February 16th, 2020 in Canada. The next episodes will begin airing weekly, beginning with BakuGear and Bakugan Rock!.

Upcoming episodes

Latest news
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The anime debut of Bakugan: Armored Alliance is almost upon us, with the anime having a premiere date of February 16th. The show features new characters and Bakugan, while harking back to some of the trademarks of the old show.

In addition, the toys are also showing up across the United States and Canada, so keep and an eye out on your local retailers.

Check out the trailer here!