All-Faction Prisma Dragonoid (EV)

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Bbp allfaction.png Prisma Dragonoid
Prisma Dragonoid (All-Faction Card) ENG 146 CC EV.png
Battle Planet Fist Symbol.png: Steal Core Icon.png (Remove a BakuCore from the opposing Bakugan and attach it to this)

Battle Planet Shield Symbol.png: Add Core Icon.png (Attach a BakuCore from the Field to this)

Battle Planet Helix Symbol.png: Remove Core Icon.png (Remove a BakuCore from the opposing Bakugan)

Battle Planet FlamingFist Symbol.png: +500 Icon-power.png

Battle Planet MagicShield Symbol.png: +5 Icon-damage.png

Card Type: Character
Series: Evolutions

All-Faction All-Faction


Battle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.png

Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.png

B-Power: Icon-power.png 1000
Damage: 1 Icon-damage.png
Set: EV
Serial: 146_CC_EV
Artist: Unknown
Base  • Epic (Does Not Exist)

Hyper (Does Not Exist)  • Titan (Does Not Exist)  • Maximus (Does Not Exist)

Diamond (Does Not Exist)

Featured With[edit]


  • At the start of the game, any All-Faction Character Cards must have their Faction decided by the user of the All-Faction Bakugan.
  • This card is misprinted as giving +5 Icon-power.png instead of +5 Icon-damage.png.


  • This card is tied with Ventus Titan Dragonoid with having the most Core bonuses in the game, having a bonus for every Core type.