Aquos Hyper Cubbo (Age of Aurelus)

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BBP Aquos.svg Hyper Cubbo
Hyper Cubbo (Aquos Card) ENG 80 CO AA.png
Battle Planet MagicShield Symbol.png or Battle Planet FlamingFist Symbol.png: +800 Icon-power.png

(If this Bakugan lands on a Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.png or Battle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.png BakuCore, it gets +800 Icon-power.png).

Series: Battle Planet
Card Type: Evo


Evolved From: Aquos Cubbo
B-Power: Icon-power.png300
Damage: 6 Icon-damage.png
Energy: 2 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png
Set: Age of Aurelus
Serial: 80_CO_AA
Rarity: Common
Artist: Unknown
Base  • Epic (Does Not Exist)

Hyper  • Titan (Does Not Exist)  • Maximus (Does Not Exist)

Diamond (Does Not Exist)

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