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The Regulars are the alien villains of the Bakugan: Battle Trainer video game, whom the Doom Beings sent to destroy the Battle Brawlers. They use the Dark Star to reach the Earth and kidnap all Bakugan in the Earth one month before the game begins. Dan later battles them to rescue the kidnapped Bakugan.




Vector is the leader of Regulars who seems to be a Darkus brawler. He is secretly Professor Trecov. He had stolen all the Bakugan in the Earth using the Dark Star, his spaceship.

'Trecov' is the anagram of his real name, Vector.



Aurock is a Pyrus main who appears as the first enemy in the game. and therefore is easy to beat. In arena 3, he battles alongside Ultimate Dragonoid.



Viper is an Aquos brawler who challenges Dan after he beats Aurock 3 times. She refers to Dan as her "favorite earthling".


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Mantis is a Ventus Brawler and the third of the Regulars to be introduced. He is first battled after Aurock and Viper are challenged numerous times. He appears to be the brains of the group.