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BakuSolo replaces the BakuBoost packs since the original series in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge and Bakugan Booster Single Packs. They contain one Bakugan, one Metal Gate Card, and one Ability Card. They are priced (three of them) higher than a BakuTrinity mostly because in a BakuTrinity you can't pick what Bakugan you get. They often have a picture and the name of the Bakugan that is in the pack. But the Gundalian Invaders BakuBoost packs only showed the picture, not the name.

Description (Arc 2)[edit]

Dedicated exclusively to the Baku Sky Raiders segment, these Bakugan jump and soar in the air when activated on a metal Gate Card for extreme brawler domination! Take your battles to the sky, then connect and combine Baku Sky Raiders into larger 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 monsters. Brawl on!


  • Some of the early Wave 2 BakuSolos spelled BakuTactix as BakuTaxtix.
  • Some BakuSolo are released as BakuFusion.