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Behind the Bakugan Episode 1 - Season 4 (Mechtanium Surge)

Welcome to Behind the Bakugan. Today we will be covering the 4th Season of the original Legacy Bakugan series, Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. The wiki has several images of season 4, so we have compiled some awesome images to showcase; some you may have or not seen before.

Part 1: The Original BakuNano

BakuNano were small support pieces that were basically the spiritual successor to Battle Gear. They didn't seem to be popular as the second and third wave of BakuNano was impossible to find (especially the third wave with Aeroblaze, Spearax, Orehammer, and Jamsaber). There are some BakuNano names like Reconblast, Zillinger, and Snipeon that were mentioned on Mechtogan cards but were never released.

Here are some images of early demo BakuNano, they had Attribute colors and some had different designs than the final ones. The original designs appear in the anime (Crosstriker, Bombaplode) with Attribute coloring. The final toy designs are different from the anime (perhaps Spin Master couldn't get them to work properly), they have gray coloring.

Part 2: Mechtogans and More

The Mechtogan were also a new support piece introduced in Season 4, they were transformable Action Figures. Take a look at the several iterations of Dragonoid Destroyer and a prototype Mechtavius Destroyer, as well as an unreleased Mechtogan.

Part 3: The Original Baku Sky Raiders

Before the Sky Raiders, there were the unreleased Baku Air Raiders that used existing Bakugan like Dharak to act as Sky Raiders. These were likely used as a test before creating the future Sky Raiders. Click this link to watch a video of them in action.

Part 4: Bakugan vs. Marvel

Bakugan vs Marvel was a crossover between Bakugan and Marvel, notable Marvel Characters like Iron Man became Bakugan, crazy! There were some unreleased ones such as Thor, Hulk, Red Hulk, and The Mighty Thor. According to Spin Master, Red Hulk has 1050 Gs. Check out some concept art and prototypes. Thor and Hulk may be out there, the two-packs were Taylean vs. Thor and Blitz Dragonoid vs. Hulk.


That's all we have for this episode, next time on Episode 2 we'll be showing concept art from Season 2/3 and Bakugan Dimensions! Episode 3 we will show off anime concept art/character sheets/coloring guides.