Infinity Core

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The Infinity Core is a huge golden-colored sphere of pure positive energy and has the ability to heal the sick and injured, dispel darkness, and purify evil, as seen when Wavern brought a baby bird back to life and cured Joe Brown. Some of the things done by the Infinity Core can be so simple when others can be referred to as miracles. Also, it has the ability to heal those effected by negative energy and deflect the attacks of other negative energy, like when Wavern deflected the attack of Dual Hydranoid.

However, at the end of the season, Wavern said that she could not control the immeasurable energy and power of the Infinity Core and that it would soon kill her. Wavern forced Drago to kill her though, he then absorbed the infinity core, evolved into Infinity Dragonoid, and defeated Naga. Drago then flew to the center of Vestroia and United the Infinity Core and Silent Core with his body; he became the new Perfect Core. The Six Realms of Vestroia then merged into New Vestroia.

New Vestroia was soon invaded by the Vestals. After three years, however, the Vexos, the top six Vestal brawlers from the six attributes, managed to defeat Alpha Hydranoid, Blade Tigrerra, Preyas, Storm Skyress, and Hammer Gorem. Drago, as the Perfect Core, was extremely angry having to watch all his friends fall. So the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia, Apollonir, Lars Lion, Frosch, Oberus, Clayf, and Exedra, used their unique attribute abilities to give Drago a new body separate from the Perfect Core. He did retain a spark of the Perfect Core to sustain his link to it though. He became Neo Dragonoid.