Bakugan Trap Combinations

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Bakugan Trap Combinations occur when a Bakugan and one or more Trap Bakugan, or another Bakugan, join together.



  • Meta Altair: Altair's tail connects to Wired's back area, increasing their size and wingspan.
  • Ingram's High Mobility Mode: Ingram rides on Hylash like a flying surfboard.
  • Dynamo Brontes: Mega Brontes' legs wind up behind his body, and Dynamo put his head in and Dynamo connects to becomes his new legs.
  • Viper Helios' Battle Unit Mode: Metalfencer wraps around Viper Helios' arms, tail and legs, attaching to his back and creating two huge cannons on his arms.
  • Maxus Helios: Each piece attaches to Helios, giving him huge, multi-colored armor, with many spiked weapons and lasers.
  • Maxus Dragonoid: Each piece attaches to Drago, giving him huge, crimson armor and cannons.
  • Assail Farbros: Does not alter Farbros's appearance much, but improves the size of his legs and adds cannons on his arms.
  • Ninjitsu Master Ingram: Enhances the size of Master Ingram's wing size, and adds two more colossal wings to him.
  • Boriates' Battle Arm Mode: Dynamo attaches to Boriates' arm, creating huge, destructive cannon.
  • Alternative Farbros: Farbros attaches to the front of the Alternative Weapon System