Mythic Pack

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The Mythic Pack is a Bakugan product that was released during Bakugan: Evolutions. It consists of one Mythic Bakugan and its respective Mythic Character Card. It does not come with any Action Cards or BakuCores.

Official description[edit]

Get into legendary battles with the new Bakugan® mythic packs! These epic toys are ready to go all out.[1]


Bakugan: Evolutions[edit]

Mix 01[edit]

Image Bakugan Included Character Cards Included Gate Cards Included
Mythic Pyrus Dragonoid Packaging.jpg Pyrus Pyrus Translucent Dragonoid
Mythic Aquos Hydorous Packaging.jpg Aquos Aquos Translucent Hydorous
Mythic Aquos Fangzor Packaging.jpg Aquos Aquos Translucent Fangzor
Mythic Ventus Trox Packaging.jpg Ventus Ventus Translucent Trox
Mythic Ventus Fade Ninja Packaging.jpg Ventus Ventus Translucent Fade Ninja
Mythic Darkus Gorthion Packaging.jpg Darkus Darkus Translucent Gorthion
Mythic Darkus Nillious Packaging.jpg Darkus Darkus Translucent Nillious
Mythic Haos Pegatrix Packaging.jpg Haos Haos Translucent Pegatrix
Mythic Aurelus Dragonoid Packaging.jpg Aurelus Aurelus Translucent Dragonoid
Mythic Elemental Pyrus Dragonoid Packaging.jpg Pyrus Pyrus Translucent Dragonoid (alternate coloration)