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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template displays the image for the given Attribute with optional text containing the given attribute.

How to Use[edit]

{{attribute|Attribute Name|desc=|link=|size=}}

Attribute Name - Can only be one of the following: Pyrus, Aquos, Subterra, Haos, Darkus, Ventus, Aurelus or Diamond.

desc - yes/no. Shows the attribute name and link after the symbol. Default: yes
link - yes/no. Links the attribute name. Default: yes
size - The size of the attribute symbol. Default: 21px.


All parameters on[edit]

Pyrus Pyrus

Symbol only[edit]


Symbol and name, no link[edit]

Pyrus Pyrus

Custom size[edit]

Pyrus Pyrus

All possible attributes[edit]

Old System New System
Code Output Code Output
{{Attribute|Pyrus}} Pyrus Pyrus {{Attribute|Pyrus2}} Pyrus Pyrus
{{Attribute|Aquos}} Aquos Aquos {{Attribute|Aquos2}} Aquos Aquos
{{Attribute|Subterra}} Subterra Subterra {{Attribute|Aurelus}} Aurelus Aurelus
{{Attribute|Haos}} Haos Haos {{Attribute|Haos2}} Haos Haos
{{Attribute|Darkus}} Darkus Darkus {{Attribute|Darkus2}} Darkus Darkus
{{Attribute|Ventus}} Ventus Ventus {{Attribute|Ventus2}} Ventus Ventus
{{Attribute|Gold}} Gold Gold {{Attribute|PyrusElemental}} Pyrus Pyrus/Elemental
{{Attribute|Silver}} Silver Silver {{Attribute|AquosElemental}} Aquos Aquos/Elemental
{{Attribute|Copper}} Copper Copper {{Attribute|AurelusElemental}} Aurelus Aurelus/Elemental
{{Attribute|HaosElemental}} Haos Haos/Elemental
{{Attribute|DarkusElemental}} Darkus Darkus/Elemental
{{Attribute|VentusElemental}} Ventus Ventus/Elemental
{{Attribute|PyrusAurelus}} link=Bakugan Pyrus/Aurelus
{{Attribute|PyrusDarkus}} link=Bakugan Pyrus/Darkus
{{Attribute|PyrusVentus}} link=Bakugan Pyrus/Ventus
{{Attribute|PyrusAquos}} link=Bakugan Pyrus/Aquos
{{Attribute|AquosAurelus}} link=Bakugan Aquos/Aurelus
{{Attribute|AquosHaos}} link=Bakugan Aquos/Haos
{{Attribute|AquosVentus}} link=Bakugan Aquos/Ventus
{{Attribute|HaosAurelus}} link=Bakugan Haos/Aurelus
{{Attribute|HaosPyrus}} link=Bakugan Haos/Pyrus
{{Attribute|HaosDarkus}} link=Bakugan Darkus/Haos
{{Attribute|DarkusAurelus}} link=Bakugan Darkus/Aurelus
{{Attribute|DarkusAquos}} link=Bakugan Darkus/Aquos
{{Attribute|VentusAurelus}} link=Bakugan Ventus/Aurelus
{{Attribute|VentusHaos}} link=Bakugan Ventus/Haos
{{Attribute|VentusDarkus}} link=Bakugan Darkus/Ventus
{{Attribute|Diamond}} Diamond Diamond
{{Attribute|Allfaction}} All-Faction All-Faction
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