A Feud Between Friends

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A Feud Between Friends
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Season Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Episode No. 3
Previous Masquerade Ball
Next Dan and Drago

A Feud Between Friends is the third episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It aired on April 18, 2007 in Japan and September 5, 2007 in North America.


Masquerade meets a young Bakugan player named Rikimaru and offers him a special Bakugan, Aquos Siege. Across town, Dan Kuso begins training for his rematch against Masquerade, but he keeps having arguments with Drago and ends his training early. Their constant bickering gets them chided by Julie Makimoto during a video call with the rest of the Battle Brawlers, while Marucho Marukura and Runo Misaki deduce that Drago's last act in the brawl surpassed the power of all Dan's Ability Cards, and that was enough to end the battle prematurely. That night, Dan dreams of brawling Masquerade (whom he calls Marmalade in his sleep), and Drago decides to stick around him, in the hopes that he can help rescue Vestroia, the home of all Bakugan.

En route to challenge Masquerade, Dan runs into Rikimaru and they brawl. On the verge of winning against him, Drago decides to ignore Dan's orders knowing that they could prove fatal, and instead uses a dangerous technique to risk himself and guarantee victory. Despite their victory, Dan is angry over Drago's lack of cooperation, curses the day he ever met Drago, and throws him into the river.

Featured Brawls[edit]

Third Battle at the Park[edit]

Unnamed Brawler VS Rikimaru

Most of this brawl happens off-screen.

Round ?
Rikimaru 2/3 Victories Unnamed Kid ?/3 Victories
Rikimaru has Aquos Juggernoid out, while his opponent has Pyrus Stinglash.
Rikimaru activates Depth Tornado and defeats Stinglash.
Neither Gs are known.
Rikimaru wins this round
Rikimaru 3/3 Victories Unnamed Kid ?/3 Victories
Rikimaru wins

Battle on Riverside Bridge[edit]

Round 1
Dan Kuso 3/3 Bakugan Remaining Rikimaru 3/3 Bakugan Remaining
Rikimaru sets the Doom Card, then a Gate Card in front of Dan. Dan sets his own
Gate CardCharacter Card: Doubles the Bakugan's Gs
in front of Rikimaru.
Rikimaru sets another Gate Card next to Dan's, and then throws Aquos Robotallion onto his first Gate Card.
Dan sets another Gate Card between Rikimaru's Gate Cards in spite of Drago's advice to wait, then throws Pyrus Falconeer onto his newly-set Card.
Aquos Robotallion: ??? Gs
Pyrus Falconeer: 340 Gs
Rikimaru sets his final Gate Card to the other side of Dan's first and throws Aquos Juggernoid onto it.
Dan sets his final Gate Card in front of Rikimaru's new Card and throws Pyrus Griffon onto it.
Aquos Juggernoid: ??? Gs
Pyrus Griffon: 360 Gs
Rikimaru throws Aquos Siege onto his second Gate Card, then uses Tsunami Wave to defeat all the other Bakugan on the field. All the defeated Bakugan are sent to the Doom Dimension. Aquos Siege: 350 Gs →
??? GsTsunami Wave: Unknown effect, but enough to overpower Griffon with 360 Gs.
Rikimaru wins this round (at the cost of 2 Bakugan)
Round 2
Dan Kuso 1/3 Bakugan Remaining Rikimaru 1/3 Bakugan Remaining
Dan throws out Pyrus Drago against Siege, then activates
Boosted Dragon+100 Gs
Pyrus Drago: 340 Gs → 440 Gs
Aquos Siege: 350 Gs
Sensing a trap, Drago forcibly deactivates Boosted Dragon just as Rikimaru uses his Gate Card to swap their Bakugans' G-Power. Because Drago returned to his base 340 Gs and swapped for Siege's 350, he defeats Siege and Siege disappears. Drago returns to Dan in ball form while Rikimaru's final Gate Card vanishes. Pyrus Drago: 440 Gs → 340 Gs →
350 GsPyrus Gate Card: Swap Gs with Siege

Aquos Siege: 350 Gs →
340 GsPyrus Gate Card: Swaps Gs with Drago
Dan wins this round
Dan Kuso 1/3 Bakugan Remaining Rikimaru 0/3 Bakugan Remaining
Dan wins

Character Debuts[edit]

Bakugan Debuts[edit]


  • Dan narrates the preview for the next episode.