Masquerade Ball

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Masquerade Ball
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Episode Guide
Season Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Episode No. 2
Next A Feud Between Friends

Masquerade Ball is the second episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It aired on April 11, 2007 in Japan and September 4, 2007 in North America.


A very gifted and infamous Bakugan player, known as Masquerade, has been taking Bakugan from kids all over the world using his Reaper. Among his victims includes Runo Misaki, one of Dan's friends. When he hears about this from his friends on the web, he decides to put a stop to it and challenges Masquerade to a battle. The two meet up and the fight is on!

During the battle, Masquerade reveals his secret weapon-the Doom Card, which sends its opponent's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. Masquerade gains the upper-hand, sending two of Dan's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension, and it's only Drago's immense power boost destroying the battlefield that draws the battle to a tie. Afterwards, Masquerade leaves Dan alone with the gravity of his new discovery.

Featured Brawls[edit]

Battle at the Playground[edit]

Runo VS Masquerade

The entire brawl happens off-screen. The only things we know for sure about it are that:

Battle Under Railroad Bridge[edit]

Most of this brawl also happens off-screen, only one round is shown. In earlier rounds, Dan defeated Shuji's Ventus Robotallion and Gargonoid, while Shuji defeated at least one of Dan's Bakugan.

Round ?
Dan Kuso 2/3 Victories
HSPHoloSector Points
Shuji 1/3 Victories
200 HSP
Dan's Pyrus Serpenoid is already on the field and 2 Gate Cards (unknown owners) set.
Dan throws out Drago onto an empty Gate Card, then activates
Fire Wall-50 Gs to an opponent[2]; possibly no effect against Ventus Bakugan
Shuji throws out Ventus Falconeer.
Pyrus Serpenoid: 320 Gs
Pyrus Dragonoid: 340 Gs
Ventus Falconeer: 300 Gs
Shuji activates
Jump OverMoves to another Gate Card
and uses the co-side attribute relationship between Ventus and Pyrus to his advantage.
Drago uses an unknown power (possibly Fire Wall) to gain an advantage once again and defeats Falconeer.
Ventus Falconeer:
400 Gs+100 from co-side attribute relationship

Pyrus Dragonoid: ??? Gs
??? Gs > 400 Gs
Dan wins this round
Dan Kuso 3/3 Victories Shuji 1/3 Victory
Dan wins

Second Battle Under Railroad Bridge[edit]

Round 1
Dan Kuso 0/3 Victories Masquerade 0/3 Victories
Dan and Masquerade both throw out their Gate Cards against each other, and Masquerade sets a Doom Card onto the field.
Dan throws out Pyrus Serpenoid onto his own Gate Card, Masquerade throws out Darkus Reaper.
Pyrus Serpenoid: 320 Gs
Darkus Reaper: 370 Gs
Dan opens his
Gate CardPyrus Normal: +300 Gs
, but Masquerade counters with
Dimension 4Cancels the opponent's Gate Card
and defeats Serpenoid. Rather than returning to Dan like usual, however, it is sent to the Doom Dimension.
Reaper returns to Masquerade in ball form and Dan's first Gate Card vanishes.
Pyrus Serpenoid:
620 GsNormal Pyrus Gate Card: +300 Gs
320 GsDimension 4: Cancels previous Gate Card effect

370 Gs > 320 Gs
Masquerade wins this round
Dan Kuso 0/3 Victories Masquerade 1/3 Victories
Dan sets another Gate Card in front of Masquerade (off-screen), then throws out Pyrus Saurus onto his newly-set Gate Card. Masquerade throws out Darkus Reaper against Saurus. Pyrus Saurus: 280 Gs
Darkus Reaper: 370 Gs
Dan activates
Saurus Glow+50 Gs to Saurus
, but Masquerade counters with
Double DimensionCancels the opponent's Ability Card
and defeats Saurus. Once again, the Bakugan is sent to the Doom Dimension.
Reaper returns to Masquerade in ball form and Dan's second Gate Card vanishes.
Pyrus Saurus:
330 GsSaurus Glow: +50 Gs
270 GsDouble Dimension: Cancels previous Ability Card effect

370 Gs > 270 Gs
Masquerade wins this round
Dan Kuso 0/3 Victories Masquerade 2/3 Victories
Dan throws out Pyrus Drago onto his newly set Gate Card, Masquerade throws out Darkus Reaper against Drago. Pyrus Drago: 340 Gs
Darkus Reaper: 370 Gs
Dan opens his Gate Card,
Fire Storm+100 Gs
, then Drago activates Ultimate Boost on himself.
Pyrus Drago:
440 GsFire Storm: +100 Gs
950+ GsUltimate Boost: +??? Gs, full amount unknown
Drago's enormous power boost destroys the battlefield, causing the brawl to end prematurely.
The battle is interrupted; no result

Character Debuts[edit]

Bakugan Debuts[edit]