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Bakugan Legends
Bakugan Legends Logo.png
Original run 2023 (CAN)
April 7, 2023 (JP)
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Preceded by Bakugan: Evolutions
Followed by N/A

Bakugan: Legends is the tentative name of the upcoming fifth season of the 2019 Bakugan Reboot, preceded by Bakugan: Evolutions. This season introduces a new Variant, Nova Bakugan which uses a light-up system similar to Genesis Bakugan.


Physical Game[edit]

Trading Card Game[edit]

Normal Trading Card Game sets continue to not be released for Bakugan: Legends. As such, the sets released in Bakugan: Legends are limited to containing Character, Geogan, Baku-Gear and Diamond Evo cards.

Bakugan: Legends has one known card set:



In Bakugan: Legends, Dan and his friends have to compete with their Bakugan against the ultimate villain, Hanoj. To do this, they use the new Nova technology.[1]