List of Generation 2 Card Sets

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This page contains a list of card sets that were created for Generation 2 of Bakugan.

Where possible, sets will be represented with their Set Logos. If not possible, an example card from the set will be shown instead.

Primary Card Sets[edit]

Primary Card Sets have Cards with rarities other than Rare, Bakugan Elite and CC, and have full set names. They were all also planned to recieve Booster Packs, though those for the last two sets were never produced.

Secondary Card Sets[edit]

Secondary Card Sets do not fulfil the conditions to meet being a Primary Card Set, but still have printed cards that are usable in the Bakugan Pro game. None of them have full set names or logos.

Gate Card Sets[edit]

Gate Card Sets are only usable in the Toy Battling Game as play surfaces in-place of BakuCores.