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Percival Vortex
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Variations Percival
Knight Percival
Midnight Percival
Alpha Percival
Alpha Percival Cyclone
Cyclone Percival
Percival Vortex


Percival Vortex is a Special Attack Bakugan, the spinning version of Percival, like in the anime. He spins much like Neo Dragonoid Vortex.



Percival Vortex has four horns on his shoulders and a golden shield for protection. He carries two multi-sided swords and he can bend light to warp his opponent's vision.

Ability Card

Vortex Percival: Play before you roll any version of Percival. If there is a battle this turn, Your Bakugan gets 100Gs+ for every type of Percival you are using.

Physical Game

The Pyrus version has 640 Gs In Japan, the Darkus version in BSP-02 comes with 420 Gs, 440 Gs, or 460 Gs. The Darkus version has 800 Gs.

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