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Kurin full body shot.PNG
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Darkus Darkus
Bakugan Darkus Garganoid (main)
Darkus Nobilious
Darkus Skorporos
Darkus Krakelios

Team AAAnimus Inc. (former)
Chad and Chester (former)
First appearance Dawn Before Dusk, Part I
Voiced by Cameron Ansell

Kurin is a secondary, former antagonist character from the reboot franchise that debuts in Bakugan Battle Planet anime.

He was a former spy of AAAnimus Inc. and currently is an independent brawler.

His Partner Bakugan is a Darkus Garganoid, but he also brawls with Darkus Nobilious, a Darkus Skorporos, and a Darkus Krakelios.





Bakugan Battle Planet

He first appears in Dawn Before Dusk, Part 1 and gives a tough fight to Dan and Drago with his Garganoid. Somehow, Kurin seems to know their strategies in battle and nearly defeats them before Kurin cancels the battle. The Awesome Ones then discuss how Kurin was able to predict Dan and Drago's moves and head back to the park and discover several hidden cameras around the park.

Dan and Co. go to question Kurin but he does not answer to them, then Dan discovers Kurin has been living next door to him this whole time. The AO use Lightning as a spy to enter the house and discover that there are spies analyzing their brawls. Kurin then interrupts them and challenges them to a fight due to them discovering his spying tactics. The AO (excluding Lightning) then battle Kurin with Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, and Hydorous; Kurin then shows he has more than just Garganoid, he also owns a Darkus Nobilious and Skorporos. The AO have difficulties fighting Kurin due to him being coached by the spies about their moves, Lightning then saves the day by destroying the communication equipment so Kurin is unable to get help. The AO combine their abilities and defeat Nobilious and Skorporos, as well as Garganoid. After the battle, Dan Kouzo questions Kurin about his spying, but Kurin flees into his "house". Dan and the others see Kurin going into a mysterious door with a thumb drive of the data of the battles of the Awesome Ones, Dan and Wynton then realize they have seen the door before. Unable to catch Kurin, a familiar man named Benton Dusk appears, who claims he will tell "everything they need to know about what's going on".

Kurin appears again alongside the AAAnimus spies in Dawn Before Dusk, Part 2.


Bakugan Battle Planet