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{{Infobox episode
|image = [[File:BP logo en.png|200px]]
|image = [[File:BBP 59 Title.png|300px]]
|season = [[Bakugan Battle Planet]]
|season = [[Bakugan Battle Planet]]
|number = 59
|number = 59

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Two Sides of the Coin
BBP 59 Title.png
Episode Guide
Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 59
Previous Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Next The Race for Gold

Two Sides of the Coin is the fifty-ninth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It will air in the United States on Cartoon Network on August 25, 2019 alongside The Race for Gold. It was released early on August 2nd on the CN App.


The AO and Magnus take parallel tracks to retrieve the same piece of data, one that promises a breakthrough in the Bakugan phenomenon.

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