Preyas II

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Angelo/Diablo Preyas

Preyas II



Physical Game
Debut set BakuNeon
Attribute Aquos Aquos
Attribute Variations Haos (Angelo), Pyrus (Diablo)
Power 400 Gs
Variations Preyas
Preyas Diablo
Preyas II
First appearance I am Marucho, Hear Me Roar
Voiced by Shawn Meunier

Preyas Angelo, Predator Angel (プレデター アンジェロ, Puredetā Anjero?) in the Japanese version, and Preyas Diablo, Predator Diablo (プレデター ディアブロ, Puredetā Diaburo?) in the Japanese version, are the second Partner Bakugan of Marucho Marukura. They are two-in-one Bakugan, with one half being Preyas Diablo, and the other half being Preyas Angelo.

They also have several alternative names, such as:

  • Preyas II, Predator Two (プレデター 両者, Puredetā Ryōsha?), in the Japanese version
  • Dual Preyas, Dual Predator (デュアル プレデター, Dyuaru Puredetā?), in the Japanese version
  • Double Head (ダブル・ヘード, Daburu He~do?)


Preyas Angelo/Diablo spawned from a Preyas egg which hatched into two brothers - one good and one evil. Angelo is kindhearted and shaped like an angel, with large powerful wings on its back and smaller wings on its forearms and legs. Diablo is a tough, devilish Bakugan with an appetite for fiery destruction. Diablo's horned head has fearsome fangs and its winged body is covered in spikes.



Major Appearances[edit]

Preyas II[edit]

Preyas II is the asexually spawn of Preyas, and becomes one of Marucho Marukura's secondary Bakugan.

Physical Game[edit]

Half of Preyas II was released in form of stand-alone Bakugan in form of Preyas Diablo. Later on, full Preyas II was released as a BakuNeon Special Attack Bakugan. It is a two sided Bakugan - Angelo on one pole of Bakugan and Diablo on the opposite pole, each with its own G-Power. Player's have a 50/50 chance of landing a specific side.


Image Available G-Power Treatment Available in Notes
Aquos Preyas 2 both sides.jpeg
  • 460/360 Gs
  • 480/280 Gs
  • 500/260 Gs
  • 700/? Gs
  • ?/340 Gs
Special Attack

Image Available G-Power Treatment Available in Notes
Ventus Preyas 2.png
  • 450 Gs
  • 650 Gs
Special Attack

Image Available G-Power Treatment Available in Notes
Subterra preyas 2.png
  • 300/720 Gs
Special Attack

Image Available G-Power Treatment Available in Notes
Haos Angelo Diablo.jpg
  • 410/650 Gs
Special Attack

Image Available G-Power Treatment Available in Notes
Darkus preyas 2.jpeg
  • 510/680 Gs
Special Attack

Trading Card Game[edit]

Image Card Name Card Type Card Series
BA228 AB SM flash.png
Flash Blue Ability Card 33/48b
BA238 AB SM preyus switch.png
Preyas Switch Green Ability Card 43/48b
BA262 GA lift 19.png
Lift Copper Gate Card 19/48c
BA277 AB lightwind 34.png
Lightwind Color Shift Blue Ability Card 34/48c
BA285 AB flowingwaters 42.png
Flowing Waters Green Ability Card 42/48c
BA294 GA sun spot 03d.png
Sun Spot Silver Gate Card 3/48d
BA338 AB color swap 47d.png
Color Swap Green Ability Card 47/48d


  • Angelo Preyas was never released in its own ball like Diablo was.
  • Preyas II is the only Bakugan with its cut form being released before release of proper Special Attack form. Also it's the only such Bakugan in Bakugan Battle Brawlers.