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For the Bakugan Battle Brawlers character, see Shun Kazami.
Shun Kazami
Shun Kazami and Hydorous.png
Race Human
Age 10
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Aquos Aquos
Bakugan Hydorous (Main)
Sharktar (Main in Geogan Rising)

Team Awesome Brawlers
First appearance Frenemies
Voiced by Ticoon Kim (Battle Planet)
Jamie Joe Gonzaga (current main)

Shun Kazami is a young Japanese boy and an Aquos Brawler who is one of the main characters of the Generation 2 Series, serving as one of the main protagonists of it.

He is the son of Ichiro Kazami and a member of the Kazami Family in general and the Awesome Brawlers since Frenemies.

His Partner Bakugan is Aquos Hydorous. He also uses other three Aquos Bakugan: Fade Ninja, Vicerox, which were both given to him by Toshi, and Ramparian.
In Hydorous' place came Sharktar in Geogan Rising. In addition, he uses the Geogan Stingzer in the same season.



Shun carries himself like an adult. His serious demeanor is reflected in his choice of clothing. A clean-lined blue suit. He has one for every day of the week, just like Einstein.

Do you recall that the Heroes have one fan? Well this is him. His name is Shun Kazami, and he's traveled half way around the globe in order to join Dan's team for Bakugan battles. Mature for his age, precocious and mysterious, Shun appears in Dan's town after witnessing Drago's discovery. In fact, Shun is responsible for sharing the video with friends and letting it out into the world! Shun has been a secret student of his own Bakugan ever since their awakening, but could not find anyone who appreciated this strange new species the way he does... until now.

Shun has a deep love for Bakugan and a secret thirst for a group of friends. But Shun has led a very cloistered life. Only through watching Dan, Wynton, and Lia Venegas online has he found the courage to leave his home and travel to America, where he believes his true destiny awaits. But how could a ten-year-old come from Japan by himself? Could it be that his grandfather is the founder of Kazami International Holdings, makers of the tech that power almost every computer on the planet? That's exactly how. But Shun doesn't care to brag. Nor does he want to rely on his family's fortune for success. Shun has a strong drive to prove himself in his own way as a Bakugan Battler, and maybe if he can relax just a little bit and let down his guard, he'll make life long friends in the process. Shun is about winning above all else. He is not ruthless or mean, just overly-focused on results. In time, his friendships with the rest of the team will make him a more well-rounded person and a better battler/player.[1]



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Shun discovers the Awesome Ones through their videos on ViewTube while living in Japan.[2] He later flies to North America to attempt to join the AO, and after a series of tests against Magnus Black, he ends up succeeding and becoming a full member of the group.[3]

Shun's first mission with the Awesome Ones is helping to track down Bear, a Bakugan of Bobby's that Strata the Hunter had brainwashed. During the final confrontation, he uses Hydorous to try and restrain Bear, but Strata overloads Bear, allowing him to easily defeat Hydorous.[4] He is also among the training party when Lightning discovers Artulean, and ends up returning after Lightning breaks Artulean out of Magnus' brainwashing.[5]



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Collection of Shun Kazami concept art
  • Shun had a number of different concepts.



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